WordPress Is The Web’s Dominant Website Platform

I told my clients, and prospective clients, for the last five years I was in the consulting WordPress website platformbusiness, “Move your website over to WordPress. It makes creating content so easy, you will even find time to start publishing things you want patients to read.”

Many of them kept on doing what they were doing, but some of them listened. Today, many of those clients publish new content on their sites almost on a weekly basis. The reality is that publishing once a week is a long-term play, but it beats what most health professionals publish – nada!

And WordPress is gaining more market share every year – do you think people are using it because it’s “cool?” heck no! They’re using it because they accomplish their goals much easier with a content management system designed to publish content at will.

Check out Matt McGee’s article, “WordPress Used On 25 Percent Of All Websites,” on how dominant the WP platform is; and when you decide to make change – give my team at Upper Level Media a call first!

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