Online Reputation Is A Marketing Must For Health Professionals

When I was consulting clients, I would tell them over, and over, again how important developing a system for their online reputation was for their business. I was usually met with nervous laughter before I was asked about how to get them more new patients.

More new patients is not the holy grail to building a business so valuable others would be willing to pay you a multiple for it. Having an active patient base, and a list of emails, names, addresses, and phone numbers you have already collected, is what gets buyers to open up their wallets when they’re considering to make you an offer.

But what is beginning to help drive traffic that actually converts into bottom-line dollars is the reputation you have developed online. AJ Agrawal’s article, “4 Ways to Improve Your Company’s Online Reputation,” helps you to understand why how you are being perceived can help you become more valuable in the marketplace.

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