Get Your Business Some Serious Media Buzz

Too many health pros put too much faith in the marketing firms they hire to help them create more online exposure, and generate more new business. I know it may seem like I’m biting my own foot off with a statement like that, especially when I’m a marketer myself – but it’s my opinion that the best marketer you have on your team is you.

No one knows your business quite as well as you do. No one can dumb down complex concepts like you can. And more importantly, there is only one YOU in the entire world – why create your brand behind a logo that doesn’t mean much when you can present your expertise in the only form that natters to your patients – as yourself!

Joshua Sophy’s article, titled, “28 Ways To Get Your Business Media Attention,” will help you get the ideas flowing, but just remember, no one cares more about your business than you, so it may make sense for you to get more involved in growing it. Just something to consider.

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