Welcome to the site! This site is meant to be about marketing for local businesses, but I’m not able to say for for sure that’s what you’re going to get every time you show up here.

Sure, we’re going to cover well-known subjects like search engine optimization and paid search, as well as social media and all the rest, but honestly – isn’t there enough of that information already floating out there?

See, I’m not the guy sitting behind the computer for 18 hours a day, looking to find the latest hack to drive new customers or patients to your site with. I’m the guy that spent many years learning fundamentals that never go away – concepts that worked in 1980, 2000, and will work in 2020 as well.

What I bring to the table is my own perspective on how to incorporate the tried-and-tested methods and systems, used to generate new business forĀ the last fifty years, with space-age technology that helpsĀ make it easier to implement.

Unique Marketing Approach

Today, we suffer from an endless amount of copy-cat marketing. I currently do most of my work with health professionals, and in the dental field, copy-cat marketing is running rampant. You aren’t able to go too far before seeing a dental ad that looks identical to every other dental ad you’re ever seen before.

This is where the “value positioning” comes into play. I show local business owners how to find the hidden drivers of growth, within their business and marketplace, to help position them as the one and only choice in a sea of sameness.

Too often, businesses are happy prospecting their marketplace for gold nuggets; never realizing there’s a goldmine available for them to plunder – in their own business. There’s also tons of opportunities to gain a competitive edge in their space by just doing a little research into what’s working in their industry on a local level, and what isn’t.

So we’re going to cover that here, in addition to a whole host of wacky topics that have almost nothing to do with marketing at all. Why? Because you cannot develop, and grow, an innovative business, if all you do is focus on the business you work in.

There will be ideas that pop into your head while you’re reading an article on gardening, or while watching a documentary about pro wrestling – yes, you read that right! None of that stuff seems to match up or make sense, right?

“How the heck am I going to grow my business wasting time on that silliness?” Well, it’s not my job to convince you to think like this, but just consider this – are you growing your business with what you;re already doing?

If not, then you may want to come check this blog out every now and again to find out what’s cooking!